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== Definition A communication officer coordinates the promotion of products, services and public image of an organization which may include the publication of news and press releases, brochures and/or related materials

Tasks and duties

Communication officers may do some or all of the following:

  • develop communication objectives and communication plans,
  • identify users, and decide what to communicate to them and the best forms of communication to use,
  • arrange publicity for the organization through different outlets,
  • compose, edit, design, record, produce publications such as newsletters, leaflets and brochures,
  • write news releases, speeches and articles,
  • edit and organize the publication of documents,
  • write and implement communication or promotional plans,
  • keep staff and clients up to date with company news,
  • provide the public with information when it is requested,
  • coordinates and approve the work of artists, photographers and printers and monitors work in progress,
  • assist with web development and technological enhancements,
  • negotiating rates and orders advertising for print, television or radio.

Alternative titles

  • Communication coordinator
  • Communication manager
  • Information officer
  • Media relations officer
  • Public relations officer
  • Publicity officer

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