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Lobbying is a concerted effort - through percieved as informal - designed to effect influence, typically over government authorities and elected officials.

Open-lobbying can be defined as a transparent and democratic practice of influence relaying on a free information infrastructure that is open-source.

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United States


About the industry

Industry publications

  • PR Week , a PR trade weekly with both a US and UK edition
  • O'Dwyer's PR Daily, another trade publication, occasionally featuring critical essays and investigative journalism about the industry
  • PR News, online and offline publication that also issues PR awards, webinars and guidebooks

Industry associations and institutes

Watchdogs and critics

  • Provides background on PR agencies and practitioners. Focuses mostly on conservative and right-wing PR
  • PR Watch, critiques deceptive PR campaigns
  • Spinwatch, a page which monitors public relations and propaganda
  • CorporateWatch, a critical overview of the public relations and lobbying industry
  • Annenberg Political Fact Check A nonpartisan, nonprofit consumer advocate which monitors the factual accuracy of statements by political players
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