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Public relations is the art and science of managing communication between an organization and its key constituents to build, manage, and sustain its positive reputation. It is the process of aligning the perceptions of targeted audiences (or publics) with the current realities and reasonable prospects of another entity. Public relations is the strategic art and science of connecting your story to the audiences that matter most, i.e.: key constituents, target audiences, thought leaders, and decision makers.

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About the industry

Industry associations and institutes

Industry publications

  • PR Week US, the leading PR trade weekly for the US
  • PR Week UK, the leading PR trade weekly for the UK
  • O'Dwyer's PR Daily, another trade publication, occasionally featuring critical essays and investigative journalism about the industry
  • PR News, online and offline publication that also issues PR awards, webinars and guidebooks

About spin

Watchdogs and critics

  • Provides background on PR agencies and practitioners. Focuses mostly on conservative and right-wing PR
  • PR Watch, critiques deceptive PR campaigns
  • Spinwatch Monitors public relations and propaganda
  • CorporateWatch, a critical overview of the public relations and lobbying industry
  • Annenberg Political Fact Check A nonpartisan, nonprofit consumer advocate which monitors the factual accuracy of statements by political players
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