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Why another Portal on Economic Intelligence and Lobbying

A lot of website on economic intelligence or public affairs and lobbying already exist but none of them are open-source, collaborative oriented website or even relate theses two disciplines.


  • is a non-commercial mediawiki-based website (Mediawiki) providing open-source intelligence. All contents are published under Creative Commons licence.

IE-Lobbying is a triple project

At the heart of this initiative stands the concept of open-lobbying.

Blog IE-Lobbying

French dedicated blog on economic intelligence, public affairs and lobbying.

Website IE-Lobbying is a Web Site meant to expose the state of two complementary activities - ie, Lobbying and Economic Intelligence - in Europe comparing to the situation in other other countries such as the US or Japan. All contents are subject to Copyright law.

Wiki IE-Lobbying

Collaborative website on Economic Intelligence, Public Affairs and Lobbying.

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